Leadership Montana alumni in action: Bryan Peterson, Class of 2017 - Billings
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Hatton Littman
November 30, 2018
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Heather Collins
February 28, 2019
A pale-skinned man wearing a dark dress jacket, blue shirt, and patterned tie smiles in front of a portrait background


Bryan Peterson, Class of 2017 – Billings

An interview with Bryan Peterson, Class of 2017 – Billings, as interviewed by Nikole Durmmond, Class of 2018 – BozemanA pale-skinned man wearing a dark dress jacket, blue shirt, and patterned tie smiles in front of a portrait background

As the Vice President of Human Resource Services with Associated Employers it isn’t surprising that Bryan advises employers throughout both Montana and Wyoming. His duties include comprehensive business development training in leadership and management, strategic planning, and conflict resolution. Although Bryan is originally from Miles City, Montana, he moved away for college only to return to Montana for a higher quality of life in 2006. With his wife Jodi, a PA at St. Vincent, they raised four children. What he appreciates most about Montana is that it’s a safe place to raise kids. He said he liked that kids still play out in the yard which begins with neighbors caring for each other. This truly is a unique attribute that helped attract Bryan home to raise his children. Moving back to Montana from Chicago, he also appreciates the beautiful four seasons.

One of Bryan’s favorite memories from Leadership Montana class of 2017 surrounded the work with Gracious Space. During the 2016 election and with the work of Gracious Space, he watched the group transition into a more gracious space and come together through the differences. Professionally, the strongest impact that Leadership Montana has made on Bryan was in his daily activities. The development he obtained in class helped improve his ability to provide back to his community and organization. Personally, he shared the powerful work of Gracious Space with his church council members. Gracious Space helped this council and church as a whole get through ongoing challenges of diversity with respect and empathy.

Big picture, Bryan thinks Leadership Montana plays a large role in the direction the state is moving. As this program continues to graduate individuals who love this state, advocate and collaborate together, the communities grow and connect in ways they haven’t before. This improves the environment and quality of life within our state.

Bryan truly enjoyed the Leadership Montana program. When he reflected upon the first retreat in Big Sky, where he was asked why he was in attendance he answered “for selfish reasons.” Bryan has always been an advocate for continuous improvement and although he was preaching it in his daily work, he wasn’t truly living it until this class. He used this opportunity to hit the restart button and change the way he taught; by being the example.

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