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Dave Phillips
November 30, 2022
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March 31, 2023


John Carmody, Butte – Class of 2011, Masters 2019

John Carmody, Butte,  Class of 2011, Masters 2019

Interviewed by Tom Davis, Butte, Class of 2022

As a Flagship Class graduate of 2011 and Master Class of 2019 Alumni, John Carmody has been a true steward and honorable ambassador of his community, professional activities and a member of the Leadership Montana Program and its Mission. John received Leadership Montana’s Mike O’Neill Alumni Service Award in 2017. This award recognizes and promotes alumni service to support the program, alumni activities, alumnus or alumnae’s leadership skills, knowledge and resources to benefit Leadership Montana.

John was raised in Montana and pursued his bachelor’s in history, electrical engineering at Montana State University – Bozeman (1980 – 1986) and Master of Business Administration at the University of Montana (2000). Through his education and experiences, he possesses strong, professional and master business leadership and development. John is the Director of Engineering and Planning at the Butte Corporate office of NorthWestern Energy. Skilled in Engineering Management, Power Systems, Energy, Renewable Energy, and Smart Grid Technology.

In 1990, John dated his now-wife, Amy. Later marrying in 1995 and residing in Butte, Montana They have a daughter named Caitlyn; known by friends and family as Cati. With John and Amy’s mentorship, family values, and modeling, Cati graduated as valedictorian from Butte High and is currently a Master student in Innovation and Management at Montana State University. In their spare time, John and Amy are a strong support system for their daughter in all her professional, personal, and family endeavors. If they’re not at a function, event, or family date, you can find the Carmody family at their ranch located near Cardwell, Montana.

With John’s association, education, and leadership within Montana Leadership, he continues to apply or reflect on his sharpened skills to all aspects of his professional and personal activities, conflicts, or situations. It was about two or three years after his completion of the 2011 Flagship class that the “light bulb” or that “aww haaa” moment really sunk in. To this day, it’s one of John’s fondest memory and reflection of the classes, interactions, and information he gained. Being able to fully embrace and apply his realization of the information. Slowing down, listening to various points of views, and trusting.

John continues to be an influential role model for Leadership Montana, his professional position, and Montana through building good community relations, time, and endless effort of involvement. Montana is home, and the Carmody family fully embraces and appreciates its pure beauty, culture, heritage, and its people. More so, with an ever-evolving, changing, and divided perspective of Montanans and communities, John is highly receptive and enlightened to see many of the people and communities engaged, enthused, listening to various points of views, and working toward adapting solutions, processes, and/or problem-solving.