Leadership Montana alumni in action: Scott Levandowski, Class of 2018, Bozeman
Juanita Vero
Juanita Vero
November 27, 2019
Peter Strauss
Peter Strauss
January 31, 2020
Scott Levandowski


Scott Levandowski, Class of 2018, Bozeman

An interview with Scott Levandowski, Class of 2018, Bozeman as interviewed by Carl Nystuen, Class of 2019, BozemanScott Levandowski

Scott Levandowski, Market President of First Interstate Bank in Bozeman, looks back at the memories and lessons he gained as a member of the Leadership Montana Class of 2018.

A leader in the Bozeman community, Scott learned lessons of empathy and listening during the time he spent with his classmates and formed many friendships he feels he would not have otherwise formed. When asked to name his favorite memory of the class, Scott reflected on the time spent in the car with fellow classmates from Bozeman while traveling to each session. Those conversations, along with other classmates from other communities during and after class, allowed Scott to form a personal connection with each person in class.

Scott thinks Leadership Montana plays an important role in the state of Montana by training people to have civil conversations, which can help all parties have a voice at the table. When people take the time to listen, learn from one another, and understand where each side stands, success can be attained via conversation. These are the core reasons Scott believes the program has had the level of success it has over the years. He hopes more and more individuals from the state can continue to participate so we may all learn to work together for the benefit of the state.

Looking back at his career as a banker in the state of Montana – starting 22 years ago when First Intestate Bank opened a branch on the campus of Montana State University in Bozeman – Scott summed up his experience with Leadership Montana as something he wishes he was still a part of. The lessons learned, friendships formed, and overall insights to the opportunities we have as Montanans truly made Leadership Montana an impactful year for Scott Levandowski.

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