Leadership Montana Blog: Gratitude a message from Chantel Schieffer
December 31, 2022
Why Kindness Matters
February 28, 2023


Message from president/CEO Chantel Schieffer

At the conclusion of the Flagship session this week in Helena, we asked our participants to journal about what they learned during our time together. One participant pulled out their phone and started playing the Beatles classic “All You Need is Love”, perfectly summarizing three days of big emotions, deep learning, and even deeper connections and understanding.

“Love” was a big theme for our time together, and someone reading this might wonder why a leadership development program is focusing on such deep feelings. I maintain that the ability to give and receive love is, in fact, a sign of a great leader.

One needs to look no further than our own Jerry Evans for an example. Jerry loved big and with his whole heart. He didn’t know how to do life any other way. He believed, and he taught us all, that to lead people well, it helps if you care about their well-being, values, and happiness. Leading with love enables us to empower and motivate our teams to success. A culture of love, kindness, and compassion calls us to be our better selves for the betterment of our world.

As we knock on the door of a month dedicated to love of all kinds, I invite us all to lead like Jerry. Lead with love.