The Leading Edge: Intentional Civility - a message from Chantel Schieffer
May 27, 2020
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August 31, 2020
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Intentional Civility

Message from president/CEO Chantel Schieffer

Tom Scott, founder of Leadership Montana, believed in something we called Intentional Civility which included the ten concepts below. I was grateful to have many conversations with Tom about our shared values, especially how to disagree without being disagreeable. Here are the life and leadership lessons I learned from Tom, and that we intentionally weave throughout LMT.

Be Honest. Live in your integrity. Always tell the truth, especially to yourself.

Listen Deeply. There is a reason that “Listen” is the first word of our tagline – it’s the most important.

Smile. Serious business can be fun. When you’re happy, celebrate with a smile.

Have Concern for Others. Philanthropy was a cornerstone of who Tom was and he showed his concern for others by the nonprofits he supported – including Leadership Montana.

Be Consistent. You are the same person at home that you are at work.

Disagree Without Being Disagreeable. Seek to learn from those who hold opinions different than your own and remember that you have more in common than in difference.

Be Passionate. Focus your passion and energy on building better communities.

Show Respect. Show up for those who need your time, attention, and grace.

Empower Others. Help others grow their skills so they may lead along side you.

Share Gratitude. A simple “thank you” goes a long way.

While Tom is gone now, his legacy and lessons live on in each of us who are included in this community he built with these ideals in mind.

My very best,

Chantel M. Schieffer
President & CEO
Class of 2010, Masters 2019

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