Leadership Montana Classroom Reflection: Cindy Trimp, Class of 2018
Dusty Eaton
November 30, 2017
Heather Sobrepena
February 27, 2018
A smiling woman with blonde hair wearing a teal blouse and necklace poses in front of a stone wall


Cindy Trimp, Class of 2018, Helena

A smiling woman with blonde hair wearing a teal blouse and necklace poses in front of a stone wall

As Leadership Montana is accepting applications for the class of 2019 we are reminded of the question on the application that asks, “what do you expect to get out of Leadership Montana?” I believe it was the Helena session that the answer to this question became more apparent for the class of 2018. It’s collaboration, that sense of community, that sense of belonging.

As we looked around at our fellow classmates sitting in the Governor’s reception room, the pure enormity of this grand room and the significance of historical decisions that have made in this exact room, we see the essence of collaboration. Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney reminded us that quite often the ideas we put forth originally are not what we end up with if we are willing to learn from those around us. Admitting that we don’t know everything, we don’t need to know everything, we need to know who the experts are and to build our team with smart people. We are surrounded by incredibly smart people.

Do you often wonder what can I do for my community? Well, during the buzz of community conversations we are once again reminded of the many ways in which we can make Montana better. Whether it’s making sure Montana school children obtain the services they need, brainstorming revenue generating ideas for our state budget or helping children in foster care fill out a FASFA form. It doesn’t always have to be a grandiose act, we must be willing to do the seemingly unimportant. These “little” things are what makes us a community. It is time to get busy.

Lastly the sense of belonging. Once again through our class member conversations we connect. We learn that we are not alone. We are astounded by the strength of our classmates. Let us be reminded- if you are lucky enough to be in Leadership Montana, you are lucky enough and “If you are lucky enough to be in Montana, you are lucky enough” ~author unknown.