Leadership Montana Classroom Reflection: Amy Kellogg, Class of 2013 and Masters 2020, Kalispell
Zac Adkins
Masters Class Session: Zac Adkins
November 27, 2019
Dr. Michael Eisenhauer
Flagship Session: Dr. Michael Eisenhauer
January 31, 2020
Amy Kellogg laughs while holding a pink mug


Amy Kellogg, Class of 2013 and Masters 2020, Kalispell

Masters Class Session Class Reflection by Amy Kellogg, Class of 2013 and Masters 2020, Kalispell Amy Kellogg laughs while holding a pink mug

My word for 2019 was Connection, it is one of my core values and important to my well-being. When I am talking with someone, I listen get curious and work to ensure they know they matter, to me that is connection.

In 2019 I have done many things to support that value. The most recent and one of the most impactful was applying for the Masters Class. With only our first session behind us, I can say that the connection from three days in Fort Benton was deep. We all recall the impact the Flagship program had on us. How it took a few sessions for us to connect with our classmates. With the Masters Class the connection is immediate. Let’s face it, all LMT alumni are well versed in Gracious Space, we listen deeply, are curious, respect group norms and of course raise our hands to call attention to the front of the room. With these important basics engrained in each of us, my fellow classmates and I were able to dive right in to create connections.

While I was not too surprised by this, I was in fact surprised with the connection I had with “me”. We studied The Leadership Challenge which included 360 feedback and a self- assessment component. This connected me with my leadership style and behaviors in ways I had previously not considered. We did a deep review of our results which gave me tools to help encourage the positive ones and change course on those that need some tweaks. (Side Note: I was quite anxious about this component. So I listened to a 2019 Masters Class Member and took it as a gift which enabled me to embrace it with an open mind and heart.)

I was asked to be a panelist on Civility during the Class Room Conversations. As I prepared for this, I had the opportunity to connect with my past to see where my personal history of Civility comes from and how my parents modeled (or didn’t in some cases) for me.

Afterhours conversations found me connecting with fellow Masters on gender biases, weed control, the history of Fort Benton, families, and of course my love for Broadway theater and lipstick.

Connection… Leadership Montana is about many things and connection is a big one. I have known that since walking into Big Sky in September 2012… participating in the Masters Class has been a gift to further deepen the learnings and connections with my classmates and myself.