Leadership Montana Classroom Reflection: Anne Hughes - Class of 2012 & Masters 2022, Missoula
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November 30, 2021
Masters Class Session 1: Stacey Anderson
January 31, 2022
Anne Hughes

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Anne Hughes – Class of 2012 & Masters 2022, Missoula

Masters Class Session 1 Class Reflection by Anne Hughes – Class of 2012 & Masters 2022, Missoula

Anne Hughes

So, I have this thing where I really only like to invest deeply in relationships with people who strive to be better humans. I’m pretty picky about it actually. I’m protective of how I spend my time and where I pay attention. I approach most things with my whole heart, and over the years I’ve learned that my heart is my superpower and it’s worth protecting. Being a better human means treating people who you don’t know with the same civility, dignity, respect, empathy and compassion as you treat your biological and logical family. A heartfelt (see what I did there?) thank you to American writer Armistead Maupin for coining “logical family.”

Gathering and learning with Leadership Montana people in the Paradise Valley feels like coming home. It’s been ten years since I went through the Flagship program. I may be ten years older, but the feeling is the same. Several days of listening deeply, grounding in my values, building humility and self-awareness and nurturing relationships is exhausting for this introvert. But I’ll keep coming back to the Master’s Class, the Women’s Leadership Forum, and to all the LMT events I can because that exhaustion means I’m working and not taking anything for granted.

The thing about Leadership Montana Masters is they’re in it for the long haul. They’re doubling down on being better humans. They’re not looking for the safety and security of their echo chambers. They’re seeking relationships and conversations that challenge their bias, push their growth and help them be better humans. And, as far as I’m concerned, that’s the good stuff right there and worth every minute.