Leadership Montana Classroom Reflection: Marie Hirsch - Class of 2014 & Masters 2020, Ronan
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February 27, 2020
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March 31, 2020
Marie Hirsch


Marie Hirsch – Class of 2014 & Masters 2020, Ronan

Masters Class Session Class Reflection by Marie Hirsch – Class of 2014 & Masters 2020, RonanMarie Hirsch

“Self-reflection is uncomfortable, but much like exercising, it offers countless benefits, and actually gets easier and much more enjoyable the more we do it.”

With the Masters class I made a “commitment” to be more present. No matter how busy I get each day, I am committing time for others; but I am committing time for myself to reflect on my value statements — a reminder of why I do everything I do.

The reflective work has brought the gift of courage. The courage and permission to be a better leader and not be afraid of failure. It has given me the courage to be a better “Gracious Space” practitioner. To be more present, to think more creatively as I set the stage for bringing new ideas to the table, and most significantly, to never lose my curiosity and always to be willing to learn!

Taking the time each day for self-reflection can be really uncomfortable. I am smiling right now as I think about it — I often feel like I am rowing in circles and not really going anywhere, and I am definitely not headed where I thought I was going by the end of the day. Then I stop and reflect, only to realize that I was not present. How quickly I was drawn off course! The Masters Program has given me the tools, insight and support to bring me back to center, while affirming and encouraging me as I sometimes need, or choose, a change in course.

The work of the Leadership MT Masters program is inspiring me, providing tremendous and priceless feedback from my team, my manager, and peers, and it has blessed me with the incredible gifts of new friendships while further opening my heart and my mind to Reflection!

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