Leadership Montana Classroom Reflection: Zac Adkins, Class of 2013 and Masters 2020, Billings
Stacey Anderson
Flagship Session One: Stacey Anderson
November 27, 2019
Amy Kellogg laughs while holding a pink mug
Masters Class Session: Amy Kellogg
December 31, 2019
Zac Adkins


Zac Adkins, Class of 2013 and Masters 2020, Billings

Masters Class Session Class Reflection by Zac Adkins, Class of 2013 and Masters 2020, BillingsZac Adkins

As Montana settles into winter again, I am beginning to crave turkey, fireside conversations, warm blankets, and much needed vacation. It is a good season to take time to reflect on things I am thankful for and the great things that have happened in the past year. I am reminded of a snippet of wisdom from early in the Masters’ class: You often don’t accomplish as much as you think youcan in a week, but you also tend to accomplish more than you think you can in a year. I don’t tend to remember each week of the year unless it was unusually stressful or unusually relaxing. I like to take this time to remember those people that helped me through the stressful times and made it possible for me to relax in the interim. The Fort Benton masters class helped point me in this direction. Quite a bit of the material was internal reflection on how each of us interact with those around us. The class reinforced my point of view and helped remind me that There are quite a few individuals who are critical to my progress. Some, who gave me the little nudge I needed, and others who went to bat and overcame really difficult situations. This season is not just a great time to think about those achievements, it is also a great time to thank people for their part in the successes throughout the year. Normally, I try to thank people as soon as I can, but this is a great time to reach back and make sure everyone knows how grateful I am for their help and service. Have a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful rest of the year.