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Indigenous Immersion Initiative: Major Robinson
January 31, 2023
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February 28, 2023


Hatton Littman, Missoula, Class of 2017, Masters 2019

Women’s Leadership Forum Spotlight

Hatton Littman, Missoula, Class of 2017, Masters 2019

After a year of serving as a key contractor to Leadership Montana, filling the role of Gracious Space Director, it was a real treat for me to attend the Women’s Forum solely as a learner and a guest.

This year’s event was small and intimate and delivered all the things I look for in an end-of-the-year professional development opportunity. We learned about retelling stories of events in our lives with a more generous and gracious lens. We studied the data and solutions around building strong company culture. We did some planning for our highest self in 2023, and we got the incredible teaching of Pat Hughes around Gracious Space, 15% solutions, and the environment necessary for meaningful change.

Alongside the learning, we all experienced deep connections with old friends. We also got to create new friendships made possible with the special bond between members and alumni of Leadership Montana.

The lodging and food and beverage at Sage Lodge cannot be beat and it was a real treat to get to enjoy this Montana gem via a LMT experience.

As we roll over to 2023, and look ahead to celebrating 20 years of Leadership Montana in our state, I stand amazed and grateful for the learning and connection I receive from this great group of people committed to our state.