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October 31, 2018

Modeling Civility in Uncivil Times

September 30, 2018
A bright golden, cut field beneath a cloudy and blue sky

Out of Crisis and Conflict…Opportunity

August 13, 2018
Leadership Montana Blog: Connection a Message from Chantel Schieffer


May 31, 2018
A round, rocky outcropping above a bright green valley with water


Alumni in Action

December 27, 2018
A pale-skinned man wearing a dark dress jacket, blue shirt, and patterned tie smiles in front of a portrait background

Bryan Peterson

November 30, 2018
A smiling woman with shoulder-length hair, blue-rimmed glasses, and tan sweater

Hatton Littman

October 31, 2018
A smiling man wearing a vest in front of a framed photo of a river and mountains

Josh Vincent

Classroom Reflection

February 28, 2019
Carl Nystuen

Flagship Session Five: Carl Nystuen

February 28, 2019
Eric Halverson

Masters Class Session: Eric Halverson

January 29, 2019
Bridget Wilkinson

Flagship Session Four: Bridget Wilkinson

Alumni Awards

Alumni Service Award

The Leadership Montana Alumni Service Award recognizes and promotes alumni service to support the Leadership Montana program and/or alumni activities. The award recognizes a Leadership Montana Alumnus who has used his or her leadership skills, knowledge, and resources to benefit Leadership Montana.


2019 – Heather Collins
2018 – John Carmody
2017 – Chad Lippert
2016 – Carmen McSpadden
2015 – Barbara Braided Hair

Alumni Leadership Award

The Leadership Montana Alumni Leadership Award recognizes and promotes community involvement. The award recognizes a Leadership Montana Alumnus who has had a significant impact at the local or state level, demonstrates outstanding leadership in keeping with and expanding the Leadership Montana philosophy in his or her community or the state, and serves as an example of leadership for others.


2019 – Jen Hensley
2018 – Michael Sanderson
2017 – Eric Hyyppa
2016 – Duane Ankney
2015 – Mike O’Neill

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