Cassandra Cox

Youth Program Coordinator

Grass Range  

Core Values: Giving Back, Competition, Optimism, Faith, Inclusion

As the Youth Task Force Coordinator Cassandra works to bring a youth perspective to Leadership Montana. Cassandra is a recent high school graduate from rural central Montana. Over the years she has been heavily involved in her community. Her personal belief that you should share your
knowledge, has led her to mentor others. During her high school years, she served as a gym class teacher for homeschool youth ages 8-12 and was an assistant director for several homeschool theatre productions. Her work in 4-H over the past nine years has resulted in two state awards, two trips to national events, and opportunities to speak across the state. As a former Montana State 4-H Ambassador President, Cassandra has a passion for
developing leadership skills in teens across the state. She lives by the philosophy that you should strive to be the type of leader that you want to follow. In her free time, she coaches a team that competes in Parliamentary Procedure, spends time on her family ranch, and trains agility rabbits.

Current Favorites  

Word: Kerfuffle

Sound: Running water

Book: Of Giants and Ice

Holiday: 4th of July

Movie: War Horse

Song: One Man Band – Old Dominion

Montana scene: On our ranch with calves running around