Leadership Montana Classroom Reflection: Nik Griffith, Class of 2020, Helena
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Masters Class Session: Brenda Peterson
May 31, 2019
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Flagship Session One: Cliff Kipp
October 31, 2019
Nik Griffith


Nik Griffith, Class of 2020, Helena

Nik Griffith, Class of 2020, HelenaNik Griffith

42 people. 8 months. 1 leadership class. This season on the Bache…..nevermind.

Well, actually, the comparison works.

Gathering for the first week of Leadership Montana isn’t unlike stepping out of a limo and into the spotlight of the American viewing public. You’re prepared, but still kind of nervous. You’re excited, but also unsure of what’s going to unfold over the next few weeks.

On a September 4, 2019, the Leadership Montana Class of 2020 met for the first time. A diverse group of folks from across the state met under a sunny September sky and began a journey. Through discussion of personalities, hometowns, professions, and the occasional whispered wisecrack, we jumped in with both feet.

What impact does the MBTI have on our lives? How does diversity connect with how we lead? Where does gracious space exist? Each question was met with thoughtful answers and honest discussion. It’s clear we won’t always agree, but that we’re also not afraid to explore our differences.

When it came time to depart, we were asked to approach a classmate and say ‘thank you’ for something they’d done for us. As hands clasped and the huggers hugged, it became clear no one was saying ‘thank you’ only once. We thanked someone for voicing a though you’d had yourself; for being brave enough to dissent; for patience or a ride or even just saying hi.

This season on Leadership Montana: Class of 2020.

42 people. 8 months. 1 class.

Every reason to stay tuned.