Who we are: Leadership Montana is a leadership development program


Leadership Montana is the premier leadership development program and alumni organization in our state.

About Leadership Montana

Through our unique educational programming, we gather some of the most accomplished minds to deeply discuss current issues facing Montana. At the same time, participants enhance their own leadership skills through our curriculum, Leading in Montana, designed specifically around our class members’ interests and needs. 

Once participants complete the program, they join our esteemed alumni network consisting of the state’s most influential professionals. With an increased awareness and a commitment to service, our alumni shape Montana’s future with enhanced leadership skills and a deepened knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing Montana.

Leadership Montana also provides training for the citizenry of our state through special programs and events like our annual signature event, The Confluence, and the Lessons in Leadership speakers series.

Honored and treasured alumna Barbara Braided Hair

Learning from alumni. 

Learning from community leaders. 

Our Mission

Leadership Montana exists to develop leaders committed to building a better Montana through knowledge, collaboration, and civility.

Annual Report

Click here to view the 2020 Annual Report online.

Our Leadership Team

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Anna Berg

Anna Berg

Program Director

Grass Range
Core Values: Family, Honesty/Integrity, Respect, Security, Humor

Heather Collins

Heather Collins

Development Director

Core Values: Family, Love, Empathy, Respect, Happiness

Jen Davis

Jen Davis

Vice President & Alumni Director

Core Values: Connection, Curiosity, Growth, Family, Health

Dr. Gerald Evans

Dr. Gerald Evans

Lead Trainer

Core Values: Productivity, Competence, Dependability, Autonomy, Family

Eric Halverson

Eric Halverson

Podcast Producer & Host

Core Values: Love, Curiosity, Contribution, Growth, Meaning

Hatton Littman

Hatton Littman

Gracious Space Director

Core Values: Wisdom, Love, Beauty, Honesty/Integrity, Family

Kathy Litton

Kathy Linton

Operations Director

Core Values: Integrity, Honesty, Courage, Selflessness, Kindness

Marci McLean

Marci McLean

Indigenous Program Director

Core Values: Family, Respect, Honesty/Integrity, Happiness, Trust

Chantel Schieffer

Chantel Schieffer

President & CEO

Core Values: Courage, Kindness, Adventure, Humor, Service, Connection

Board of Governors

Kelly Cresswell (2006, Masters 2022)
Executive Director, Reach Higher Montana

Debbie Vandeberg (Class of 2005)
Vice Chair

Chris Warden (2006, Masters 2020)
Vice President of Technology, Washington Companies
Past Chair

Leonard Malin (2014, Masters 2019)

Barb Cestero (Class of 2015, Masters 2020)
Regional Senior Manager, The Wilderness Society
Alumni Committee Chair

Anthony (Tony) Flynn (Class of 2015, Masters 2022)
Supervisor – Credit, Collections and Remittance, Northwestern Energy

Darrell Hirsch (2020)
Commercial Loan Manager, First Interstate Bank

Anne Hughes (2012, Masters 2022)
Chief Operating Officer, Missoula County

Julie Jenkinson (2015, Masters 2020)
Vice President, Montana State Fund

Misty Kuhl (Class of 2019)
Director of Indian Affairs, State of Montana

Ariel Overstreet-Adkins (2013)
Attorney, Bluebird Law and Public Affairs
Development Committee Chair

Aaron Pratt (2017, Masters 2020)
Loan Officer, Big Sky Economic Development

Major Robinson (Class of 2006)
Redstone Project Development and Sage and Oats Trading Post

Camila (Cami) Skinner (Class of 2015)
Operations Manager, Seitz Insurance Agency

Sarah Swanson (2017)
Chief of Staff, Office of Public Instruction

Gracious Space

A spirit and a setting where we invite the “stranger” and learn in public.

Gracious Space is an integral aspect of Leadership Montana curriculum. For Montana to move forward we need to know how to learn the perspective of all groups so we can all continue to live and thrive in the last best place. The Gracious Space curriculum developed by the Center for Ethical Leadership in Seattle, WA, is a framework to work better together around critical issues. Gracious Space creates a container that can hold your hardest conversations and most challenging issues. Gracious Space is most powerful and most needed when conflict is present.

Want to learn more about Gracious Space? Would you like to introduce Gracious Space to your business or organization? You can contact the Leadership Montana office or one of the Leadership Montana Alumni that have been certified as Gracious Space facilitators.

Annual Report

Click here to view the 2021 Annual Report online.

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