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An investment in Leadership Montana is an investment in the future of our great state.

Why should you invest in Leadership Montana?


An investment in Leadership Montana is an investment in the future of our great state. Leadership Montana is a privately funded nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Our sponsors and donors are investors in Montana’s future prosperity and directly impact the work of our program participants and alumni.

“I always say Leadership Montana and the flagship program came along at just the right time in my life when I needed the lessons most. Each time I engage with any program or offering, I grow and receive exactly what is needed at the time. My financial support is how I show gratitude and pay it forward so these opportunities to connect and learn continue for all Montanans.” – Kelly Heaton, Class of 2014, Masters Class of 2019

Donation Opportunities

As a non-profit Leadership Montana depends upon the support of generous individuals. Your support helps to ensure the future of Leadership Montana, providing opportunities for necessary leadership skills to support our leaders incoming together to build Montana’s Future better through knowledge, collaboration, and civility.

Make a one-time gift contribution now. Your gift will allow us to continue to fulfill our mission and support current and future leaders by gifting a donation to our annual campaign.

Become a monthly donor as a Community Connector through a reoccurring monthly gift. Your donation provides Leadership Montana steady, reliable support so that we can continue to make a difference for our leaders in Montana. With automatic deductions from your debit card, credit card, or checking account, your monthly gift will provide continued support throughout the year.

The Leadership Circle is a group of individuals committed to making an annual gift of $1,000 ($84 monthly) or more. These gifts support Leadership Montana in its mission of developing leaders committed to making a difference in the state of Montana.

Leadership Montana partners with the Montana Community Foundation, who manages our endowment to support our work well into the future. If you are interested in making a planned gift to benefit from the Montana Endowment Tax Credit, we hope you will consider Leadership Montana.


  • Craig Aasved
  • Fran Albrecht
  • Cyndy Andrus
  • Tory Atkins
  • Michael Basile
  • Sean Becker
  • Anna Berg
  • Jim Bliss
  • Jean Branscum
  • Tony Brockman
  • Kristy Buckley
  • Ashley Burleson
  • Rachel Buswell
  • Caroline Byrd
  • Hannah Cail
  • John Carmody
  • Kris Carpenter
  • Amy Carter
  • Barb Cestero
  • Jennifer Cloutier
  • Matthew Cohn
  • Zac and Heather Collins
  • Nancy Cornwell
  • Kelly Cresswell
  • Thomas Cunningham
  • Christopher Dahl
  • Jennifer Davis
  • Jennifer Dees
  • Betsy DeLeiris
  • Nicole Divine
  • Janet Dochnahl
  • Jamie Doggett
  • Brad Doll
  • Jennifer Marie Doty
  • Rick Duane
  • Paula Eberling
  • Misty Edmundson
  • Ray Ekness
  • Samuel Enemy-Hunter
  • Gerald Evans
  • Pri Fernando
  • Haylee Folkvord
  • Shantelle Gaynor
  • Leif Griffin
  • Rolf Groseth
  • Rachel Haberman
  • Scott Hagel
  • Mike Halligan
  • Chad Hanson
  • Kerry Hanson
  • Carrie Harris
  • Shalon Hastings
  • Kelly Heaton
  • Sunni Heikes-Knapton
  • Marie Hirsch
  • Kevin Hood
  • Olesja Hoppe
  • Laurence and Bergetta Hubbard
  • Anne Hughes
  • Sheri Jarvis
  • Pete Johnson
  • Allison Johnston
  • Deborah Johnston
  • Kayte Kaminski
  • Fred and Amy Kellogg
  • Lenette Kosovich
  • Diane Lehm
  • Sandy Leyva
  • Chad and Kristine Lippert
  • Hatton Littman
  • Bill Lloyd
  • David Loessberg
  • Christian E Lounsbury
  • Leonard Malin
  • Heather McDowell
  • Carmen McSpadden
  • Leslie Messer
  • Karen Miller
  • Kirk Miller
  • Jeremy Morgret
  • Chris Newbold
  • Nancy Nicholson
  • Mike O’Neill
  • Ariel Overstreet-Adkins
  • Amber Parish
  • Brenda and Dennis Peterson
  • Breanna Polacik
  • Charlene Porslid
  • EJ Porth
  • Aaron Pratt
  • Rebecca Ramsey
  • Alan Ruby
  • Tawnya Rupe
  • Mary Rutherford
  • Rhonda Safford
  • Michael Sanderson
  • Alan Satterlee
  • Danielle Scharf
  • Dax and Chantel Schieffer
  • Toni Schneider
  • Franklin Schurz
  • Tom Scott
  • Scott Sehnert
  • Ray Shaw
  • Eric Simonsen
  • Camila Skinner
  • Sara Smith
  • Heather Sobrepena
  • Shannon Stober- Barrett
  • Jan Stoddard
  • Casandra Sunell
  • Sarah Swanson
  • Bob Thelan
  • Courtney Todaro McKee
  • Todd Tregidga
  • Cindy Trimp
  • Lisa Troyer
  • Stephanie Uter
  • Keith Valentine
  • Debbie Vandeberg
  • Jeremy Vannatta
  • Chris Warden
  • Jante Whitmoyer
  • Bruce Whittenberg
  • Harvey and Beth Wiggins
  • Kate Wiggins
  • Bridget Wilkinson

Endowment Donors

  • Anonymous
  • Chad and Kristine Lippert
  • Tom McGree
  • Terry Payne
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