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An investment in Leadership Montana is an investment in the future of our great state.

Why should you invest in Leadership Montana?


An investment in Leadership Montana is an investment in the future of our great state. Leadership Montana is a privately funded nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Our sponsors and donors are investors in Montana’s future prosperity and directly impact the work of our program participants and alumni.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a number of opportunities to support the work of Leadership Montana and welcome custom partnerships. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to answering any questions that you may have about these opportunities and the specific marketing benefits that accompany each.

Supporting Leadership Montana as a program sponsor means that you fund the heart of our organization. Through sponsorship, you will directly impact the powerful program that we provide for our carefully selected participants, who will become very familiar with your company and your support of Leadership Montana. Investments at this level range from $1,000 to $50,000

For seven separate sessions, Leadership Montana visits communities across the state for a hands-on experience in each area. We dive deeply into the local economy, meet with community leaders, and gain a strong understanding about the challenges and opportunities our towns are facing. Session sponsors support these visits by funding our receptions, meeting spaces, dinners, and lunches, which is a great way for your business to make a lasting impact on our experience in your town. Sponsorships generally range from $500 to $3,000 and may include in-kind donations.

Each September, we host our annual signature event, The Confluence in various Montana communities. This event is open to the public and offers sponsors significant marketing benefits and a unique opportunity to support our organization. Sponsorships range from $500 to $3,000.

Our inaugural Lessons in Leadership speaker series had more than 1,000 attendees and is another way we provide leadership training to the general public. Sponsorships range from $1,000 to $10,000.

Through our annual women’s leadership retreat,  we connect our alumni members to build strong relationships while enhancing our leadership skills to build a better Montana for all. Sponsorships range from $500 to $5,000.

Leadership Montana partners with the Montana Community Foundation, who manages our endowment to support our work well into the future. If you are interested in making a planned gift to benefit from the Montana Endowment Tax Credit, we hope you will consider Leadership Montana.

Choose A Level That Works For You

Leadership Montana’s existence is thanks to generous individuals, corporations, and foundations who believe in our mission of developing leaders committed to building a better Montana. These partners are deeply connected to our work and success.

If you have felt a connection to our network of leaders, our Montana communities, or our mission, we invite you to support our work with a personal, charitable donation of any amount. Your investment in Leadership Montana is an investment in the future of our great state.



Donation of $20,000 +


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Donation of $10,000 +


Donation of $1,000 +


Donation of $5,000 +


Donation of $50 to $999

Sponsors of Montana’s Future





Foundation for Community Vitality


  • Anna Berg
  • Barbara Braided Hair
  • Kristy Buckley
  • Ashley Burleson
  • John Carmody
  • D.J. Clark
  • Matthew Cohn
  • Heather Collins
  • Karen Costello
  • Thomas Cunningham
  • Christopher Dahl
  • Frank D’Angelo
  • Jamie Doggett
  • Heidi Duncan
  • Paula Eberling
  • Jo Ann Eder
  • Rick Edwards
  • Ray Ekness
  • Jennifer Erickson
  • Donna Erwin
  • Jerry Evans
  • Christina Fastnow
  • Jake Feddes
  • Scott Geda
  • Rolf Groseth
  • Jeff Guengerich
  • Eric Halverson
  • Kerry Hanson
  • Carrie Harris
  • Kelly Heaton
  • Stephen Heckle
  • Shauna Helfert
  • Mary Hernandez
  • Mark Burzynski and Adrienna Hines
  • Marie Hirsch
  • Olesja Hoppe
  • Lanny Hubbard
  • Tracey Jette
  • Deborah Johnston
  • Peter Joy
  • Fred and Amy Kellogg
  • Jennifer Knight Davis
  • Thomas Kohley
  • Lenette Kosovich
  • Shawneal Krauszer
  • Kelly Lee
  • Dianne Lehm
  • Jim Lehner
  • Lisa Leland
  • Rick Leuthold
  • Chad Lippert
  • Hatton Littman
  • Todd Lovshin
  • Dale Mahugh
  • Leonard Malin
  • Mary Jane McGarity
  • Tom McGree
  • Carmen McSpadden
  • Nichole Mehling-Miles
  • Leslie Messer
  • Kirk Miller
  • Jane Moe
  • Nancy Nicholson
  • Angela Nunn
  • Mike O’Neill
  • Amberly Pahut
  • Betsy Pahut
  • Zac Perry
  • Brenda Peterson
  • Mary Peterson
  • EJ Porth
  • Judy Preston
  • Paul Reichert
  • Matt Riley
  • Marlenea Robinson
  • Colleen Rudio
  • Rhonda Safford
  • Alan Satterlee
  • Chantel and Dax Schieffer
  • Toni Schneider
  • Tom Scott
  • Scott Sehnert
  • Melissa Shannon
  • Helen Shaw
  • Tom Shellenberg
  • Steve Simonson
  • Debbie Singer
  • Tutti Skaar
  • Cami Skinner
  • Sara Smith
  • Peter Strauss
  • Todd Tregidga
  • Shoots Veis
  • Josh Vincent
  • Peg Wherry
  • Janet White
  • Bruce Whittenberg
  • Kate Wiggiins
  • Craig Woolard
  • Diane Wright
  • Cari Yturri
  • Benevity Community Impact Fund
  • Big Sky Economic Development Authortiy
  • Billings Association of Realtors
  • Blue Rock Products
  • Bozeman Area Community Foundation
  • Buchanan Capital
  • Carpet One
  • Chippewa Cree Tribe
  • Class of 2015
  • CTA Architects & Engineers
  • Good Earth Market
  • Independence Bank
  • Island Liquor Store
  • James Brown Law Office
  • Montana Conservation Voters
  • Montana Resources
  • New West Health Services
  • Northern Montana Hospital
  • Pacific Steel
  • Payne West Insurance
  • Richland Economic Development Corporation
  • Rimrock Foundation
  • Rocky Mountain College
  • Seitz Insurance
  • Stockman Bank
  • The Brake Shop
  • Triangle Communications
  • Weave Management
  • WGM Group
  • XTO Energy
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