Leadership Montana Classroom Reflection: Indigenous Immersion Initiative Reflection: John Morrison, Helena, Class of 2005 and III 2022
Masters Class Session: Sara Smith
June 30, 2022
Flagship Session: Erin Bennett
September 30, 2022

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Anthony (Tony) Flynn, Butte, Class of 2015 and Masters Class 2022

Masters Class Reflection

Anthony (Tony) Flynn, Butte, Class of 2015 and Masters 2022

As I began my Leadership Montana journey, I was at first reluctant thinking it would be just another class on leadership and another book to read.  Even going into the first session at Big Sky, I felt a little out of place.  That changed almost immediately.  After the first day of interacting with a group of complete strangers, I was quick to see that I did belong and would have something not only to learn, but to give to others as well.
The experience of the program had helped me not only in my professional setting but in my personal life as well.  All due to the participants and the staff and facilitators of the lessons provided.

Then comes the Masters’ Program. I was excited – knowing what I had experienced during the flagship program, I was looking forward to continuing to develop myself.  We all know it is not easy to be a leader and we are often faced with challenges and conflicts and that is what these programs help us to work through.

I was very fortunate to have a number of my flagship program classmates and friends in my Masters session, so I was a lot more comfortable going in than I was the first round.  I was again quick to learn that everyone in the group was in the same situation as I was and in no time at all had a wealth of support and knowledge from another group of people whom most I had never met and now call friends and colleagues.  Some of the sessions and discussions were not easy, but the setting allows for people to open up, share, feel valued and feel respected.  I am in awe when I am around anyone in these two groups I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to share my time and self with.

I have learned over time, and with assistance from many individuals, great leaders are developed.  It is not something you just do.  We all have something to learn and something to give.  Be that person and help yourself and others flourish.