Episode 20: Eric Halverson - Leadership Montana
Episode 19: Tony Brockman
July 14, 2021
Episode 21: Season 1 Recap
February 9, 2022
Eric Halverson co-host of listen first montana


Listen first. It is what all great leaders do.

Episode 20: Eric Halverson

In this final episode of Listen First Montana Season 1, Chantel flips the script on co-host Eric Halverson and makes him the interviewee.

Chantel asks Eric about growing up in Montana, why he is passionate about Early Childhood development, what it means to him to “stand on the shoulders of giants,” and much more.

Photo of Chantel Schieffer

Chantel Schieffer


Chantel, Class of 2010 and Masters Class 2019 alumna, is also our President & CEO. An occasional host, she brings to Listen First Montana a deep knowledge of our alumni and the many ways they work to build a better Montana.

Eric Halverson co-host of listen first montana

Eric Halverson


Eric, a graduate of Leadership Montana Class of 2016 and Masters Class 2019, leads this project with an unmatched curiosity and thirst for learning how each interviewee leans into leading. Eric magically brings to life the story underneath the words and weaves together a series that perfectly illustrates the meaning and value of listening deeply. Originally from Billings, Eric currently resides in Missoula where he serves as the Communications and Development Administrator for Partnership Health Center.