Episode 37: Leadership Montana's 20-Year Anniversary - Leadership Montana
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November 30, 2022
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February 14, 2023


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Episode 37: Leadership Montana’s 20-Year Anniversary

To celebrate Leadership Montana’s 20-year anniversary, we’re bringing you a special episode, featuring stories about the founding of Leadership Montana.  We’ll hear from four leaders who were a part of that process back in the early 2000s: Bruce Wittenberg, founding CEO of Leadership Montana, Debbie Vandeberg, member of the organizing committee and graduate of the first Leadership Montana Class, Mike Halligan, graduate of the first class of Leadership Montana, and Dr. Jerry Evans, member of the organizing committee and 20-year leadership instructor for Leadership Montana. Why was Leadership Montana created? What was the vision of the founders? Has Leadership Montana delivered on that vision? Find out answers to those questions and more by listening to this special episode celebrating Leadership Montana’s 20-year anniversary.


Leadership Montana’s 20-Year Anniversary