Episode 39: Indigenous Immersion Initiative Mini-Series episode 2 - Leadership Montana
Episode 38: Indigenous Immersion Initiative Mini-Series episode 1
February 14, 2023
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March 15, 2023


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Episode 39: Indigenous Immersion Initiative Mini-Series episode 2

For Episode 2 of our mini-series about Leadership Montana’s newest program, the Indigenous Immersion Initiative, we’re featuring a conversation between Leadership Montana President and CEO, Chantel Schieffer, and Chair of Leadership Montana’s Indigenous Advisory Council, Major Robinson.  Major describes the feeling of returning to his home, the Northern Cheyenne Nation, with this group of Leadership Montana alumni, and what he hopes they will take away from their visit.  Chantel and Major also talk about the legacy of Barbara Braided Hair, their shared experience in a sweat lodge, and the significance of building trust and connection between people and communities in Montana.

Major Robinson

Powerful Quotes

“My hopes for this program as we go forward is that people take what they’re experiencing through this journey together and take it back to their communities…I really hope that now that there’s been some trust built here, in the process of what I see happening here on Northern Cheyenne these last three days, is people are willing to pull back that curtain a bit, pull back that veil and say ‘this is who we are.’”


“That’s what, I guess, I would like my legacy to be.  Is that I was one of the people – one of – and that I was able to give back what I was given.  I mean legacy is so important here on our reservation because our ancestors literally died so that we could have this homeland.  This is our legacy.  This land, because this land and our language is what keeps us together so that it’s not just an “I” thing, it’s a “we” thing, and if I’m thought of as one of the “we” and that I left something good, that would be great.”

Chantel Schieffer

Powerful Quotes

“We can’t do any of the things that we do without the support of each other.  We’re not meant to be on this planet and do things by ourselves. Right? We have to rely on each other.  We belong to each other.  And that sense of belonging for me I think has been something that has really sparked in the last few years, how we belong to each other too.  Not just to a place, but to each other.”