Episode 7: Marci McLean - Leadership Montana
Episode 6: Leslie Messer
December 9, 2020
Episode 8: Dusty Eaton
January 20, 2021


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Episode 7: Marci McLean

In this episode, Chantel visits with Marci McLean about bridging racial divides in Montana.

Photo of Chantel Schieffer

Chantel Schieffer


Chantel, Class of 2010 and Masters Class 2019 alumna, is also our President & CEO. An occasional host, she brings to Listen First Montana a deep knowledge of our alumni and the many ways they work to build a better Montana.

Photo of Marci McLean

Marci McLean


As Executive Director of Western Native Voice, Marci leads efforts to strengthen Indigenous communities and brings her perspectives as a Blackfeet Piikuni, two-spirit woman to countless important conversations across Montana. In this conversation, Marci and Chantel explore how a deeper understanding of cultures can lead to building a better Montana.