Leadership Montana alumni in action: Josh Vincent, Class of 2016, Butte
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September 30, 2018
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November 30, 2018
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Josh Vincent, Class of 2016

An interview with Josh Vincent, Class of 2016, Butte, as interviewed by Alisa Schneider, Class of 2018A smiling man wearing a vest in front of a framed photo of a river and mountains

As a member of the Leadership Montana Class of 2016, Josh Vincent has enjoyed his time connecting with other class members and alumni from the program. Presently seated as a Vice President/Principal Engineer and Partner of his 18-year-old environmental and civil engineering consulting firm, Water & Environmental Technologies (“WET”), Leadership Montana positively impacted his ability to engage with others in a manner consistent with the Gracious Space and individual leadership style teachings focused toward enhancing the dialogue between individuals, employees and companies. This year he joined the planning committee of the first Leadership Montana Men’s Retreat.

Josh grew up in Butte, Montana. Josh married his high school sweetheart Janelle, and they have three beautiful children Emily (18 years), Grace (14 years) and Brooks (10 years). As an avid fisherman and hunter, Josh knew early on that he had a passion to be involved in the responsible stewardship of Montana’s open landscapes, beautiful rivers, and abundant natural resources. After receiving his environmental engineering degree from Montana Tech, Josh was able to put his passion into practice. In 2000, Josh was a co-founder of WET, a private consulting firm with a focus on environmental and civil engineering services. WET has grown to a staff of 60 employees and is proud to provide many technical services to a wide variety of clients throughout Montana and the Pacific Northwest from any one of its four offices located in Butte, Bozeman, Anaconda or Great Falls.

Josh believes that Leadership Montana’s role, to train and cultivate Gracious Space and civil discourse, is more important than ever in today’s ever polarized political climate. To Josh, it seems clear that we must not only listen to those with different views, we must actively seek out their input in order to build collaborative solutions. The citizens of Montana possess a unique set of shared values and a genuine interest to keep Montana beautiful, but there are many different paths available to meet that goal. Leadership Montana can teach us to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Who knows, they might be more comfortable than you think.