With Honors: Jen Hensley (2016) and Heather Collins (2016)
Two smiling men shake hands as one presents an award to the other
Joel Rosette
September 30, 2018
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Josh Vincent
October 31, 2018
Two smiling women hold clear awards

Jen Hensley and Heather Collins


Jen Hensley (2016) and Heather Collins (2016)

Two smiling women hold clear awards

This month at The Confluence in Kalispell, we were excited to honor two of our esteemed alumni with our annual awards for service and leadership. The descriptions of these alumnae come from their respective nomination letters.

Jen Hensley (2016) was given theAlumni Leadership Award, awarded annually to LMT alumni who demonstrate outstanding leadership in keeping with and expanding the LMT philosophy in his/her community and/or the state.

Today’s combative and divided environment calls on mentors and leaders capable of working in concert with others, able to collaborate in creative endeavors, innovate, inspire, and contribute without dominating other opinions. It is her extraordinary poise and style in contributing her best to all her undertakings that creates an environment that draws the very best from her colleagues.

Jen has continues to sharpen her skills by becoming a Gracious Space facilitator this spring, demonstrating her commitment and passion to help build a better Montana.

“I use the lessons learned from Leadership Montana daily, both personally and professionally. To be chosen for an award for Leadership, given the truly incredible leaders involved in this organization, is humbling. This is a very big deal for me.” –Jennifer Hensley, Alumni Leadership Award

Heather Collins (2016) was given the Alumni Service Award, awarded annually to LMT alumni who demonstrate outstanding commitment and service to LMT through support of the program and/or alumni.

Heather is committed to leadership and engagement. I see this in her dedicated service in the Leadership Montana Development and Alumni Committees. She always gives 110% and follows through with every task she agrees to do. I believe grew tremendously during her LM experience, listening, learning, and deeply understanding gracious space. She is now sharing that experience with others through her work with Eagle Mount and in the community. It is clear she wants LM, and Montana, to succeed by the extra time and energy she puts in to helping with events and supporting class representatives. She is a constant reminder to me of patience, grace, collaboration, and willingness to learn.

“Leadership Montana was professionally and personally life changing. To be able to remain a part of an organization that strives to work with the leadership of the state of Montana to make this an awesome place to live, is an honor to which I will continue to say yes.” –Heather Collins, Alumni Service Award

Anna and Chantel also honored Jen Davis (2009) with the Rockstar Award for her incredible work as the new Alumni Relations Manager.