Leadership Montana alumni in action: Paula Eberling, Sidney - Class of 2017, Masters 2019
Julie Jenkinson
January 31, 2021
Chris Dahl
October 31, 2021


Paula Eberling, Sidney – Class of 2017, Masters 2019

Paula Eberling, Sidney – Class of 2017, Masters 2019

Interviewed by Will Trimbath, Helena – Class of 2020

As the Director/Crime Victim Advocate for the 7th Judicial District Witness Protection Program, Paula Eberling helps those among us who need it most. A Sidney, Montana resident of 15 years, Paula worked along the Hi-Line utilizing her Criminal Justice degree to help victims of domestic violence and abuse, before moving to Sidney.

Paula also chairs the Eastern Montana Human Trafficking Taskforce, targeting child, sex, and labor trafficking in Eastern Montana. Leading the charge on some of our society’s most vulnerable, she fights to free those who can’t free themselves. Paula is also a Trauma Support Specialist and certified as a mediator in domestic violence cases. When people are at the end of the line, Paula is there to lift them up. More than just saving a vulnerable population from atrocious futures, Paula’s goal is to enable people to survive to thrive.

Paula is a graduate of the Leadership Montana (LMT) class of 2017, as well as a recent graduate of the LMT Masters Class. The profound effect LMT has had on her life cannot be overstated. During the first class in Big Sky, Paula wasn’t sure if the she made the right decision to enroll in Leadership Montana. However, like many others, she soon began to see the enormous impact the class had on herself and her classmates. Giving her Classmate Conversation presentation was a pivotal moment in Paula’s life. The obstacles overcome, and the adversity endured, captivated her class. Fully sharing her story enabled her to embrace the entirety of her history, and empowered her to be more confident and assertive in her professional career.

A Billings native, married, and grandmother to 10 (and soon to be 11, our discussion was cut short by news of an impending delivery!), Paula appreciates the beauty and wide open spaces of eastern Montana.

The world needs more Paula Eberlings.