Leadership Montana alumni in action: Julie Jenkinson, Helena, Class of 2015 and Masters 2020
Chris Ward
Chris Ward
December 29, 2020
Paula Eberling
February 28, 2021


Julie Jenkinson, Helena, Class of 2015 and Masters 2020

Julie Jenkinson, Helena, Class of 2015 and Masters 2020
Interviewed by Keith Valentine, Kalispell, Class of 2020

My first interaction with this Minnesota native was absolutely hilarious, with some vivid Human Resource stories from her past employer in California where she worked for the State Fund. Julie is now the Vice President of Operations at the Montana State Fund where she mentors 20 leaders to be influential and impactful. The motto adopted by Julie’s team is to “Do the job, AND deliver with heart”.

Julie graduated in the Flagship Class of 2015 and Masters Class of 2020. As with every flagship class, there are several memories that bring learning and comradery; Julie recalls one such event at the Missoula Food Bank where she felt the group made a difference by performing community service and brushing up against a true need. The hands-on experience is one that she won’t forget, with a feeling of philanthropy at the deepest level.

The concept of “Gracious Space” has greatly impacted Julie, not only from a professional stance, but also on a personal note. Julie has two accomplished daughters – a lawyer for Amazon and a very intelligent social worker – perhaps complete opposites! Julie had the opportunity to use the four pillars of Gracious Space in her home life when her daughter changed her path of study from nursing to social work. As a mom and advisor, she was able to successfully navigate the discussion of such a dramatic career path change for her daughter with wisdom, compassion, curiosity and encouragement!

Julie recently joined the Board of Governors for Leadership Montana. She hopes to bring education about the program, through in person company level presentation, to the whole state. With more of our leaders having been informed about the program and its benefits, she hopes to see an even greater, wide-spread participation and knowledge growth and importantly, the practice of gracious space become a natural part of being a Montanan.

In wrapping up our discussion, Julie shared with me that she admires the deep pride of our state residents. There is an energy among us all that makes us who we are, successful and hardworking, while embracing a future where we grow into an enlightened community where the practice of gracious space is natural – still holding true to our proud history.