Leadership Montana Classroom Reflection: Indigenous Immersion Initiative Reflection: John Morrison, Helena, Class of 2005 and III 2022
Masters Class Session: Sara Urbanik
February 1, 2024
Masters Class Session: Lisa Koski
March 26, 2024


Mike Clonginger, Helena, Flagship Class of 2021, Masters 2024

Masters Class Reflection

Mike Cloninger, Helena, Flagship Class of 2021, Masters 2024

Leadership Montana, both the Flagship and Masters Class, has provided me with an insight to learn from and the opportunity to meet other people that I never would have crossed paths with in my everyday life. Coming from the day-to-day construction world, engaging with others from different professional realms and learning from their experiences has helped me to improve the way I manage my business and lead my team. Learning Gracious Space in the Flagship Class and now learning to apply it in the Masters Class, has given me multiple “lightbulb moments” of things I can take away to improve myself and empower my team in our work environment. Each time I travel across the state of Montana to the class, I come home inspired and refreshed. As I continue to lead my team in business, I find myself striving and thirsting for more time to work on myself as a person and as a leader. With each class, I return with more valuable tools to become that version of a leader I want to be. I find myself utilizing these tools and skills on a daily basis; consciously applying them to my everyday tasks and interactions with others. The Masters Class has reinforced my values as a person and has started the process of establishing a set of values for our business and team. Jen and all the Leadership staff do a wonderful job facilitating this work and encouraging all of us on this journey. I am eager to continue to learn, grow and succeed in this class.