Leadership Montana Classroom Reflection: Stacey Anderson - Class of 2020 & Masters 2022, Helena
Flagship Session: Nicole Smith
January 9, 2022
Masters Class Session: Kelly Cresswell
February 28, 2022


Stacey Anderson – Class of 2020 & Masters 2022, Helena

Masters Class Session 1 Class Reflection by Stacey Anderson, Helena, Class of 2020, Masters 2022, Helena

We’re three months removed from the first Master’s Class ‘22 session — held at the beautiful West Creek Ranch — and it would appear that we are all going to be challenged as leaders again in ways that were unimaginable prior to 2020. As a graduate of the 2020 Flagship class, the feeling of déjà vu is real and the impacts on our professional and personal lives cannot be understated.

With a jam-packed three days of leadership explorations, class member conversations, and launching into “The Leadership Challenge” journey, the Master’s session felt a lot like the Flagship class, only fast-tracked in terms of developing classmate connections and tackling content. One of the key elements of the Master’s session is to undergo a 360° Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) – a nice way of saying that you needed to ask your colleagues and peers to review your demonstrated and observed leadership behaviors. This process was a bit nerve-wracking and required a LOT of vulnerability. For me personally, while the quantitative results of the LPI were not particularly surprising, the richness of the evaluators’ narrative responses were incredibly helpful and nuggets for self-improvement (Note to self: I do not have a poker face on Zoom!).

In addition to the LPI, Session I of the 2022 Master’s Class tackled “The Leadership Challenge.” Breaking down the five leadership practices identified through the LPI, “The Leadership Challenge” explores the key practices of leaders who achieve remarkable progress in organizations, both personal and professional. Whether you are a “Model the Way” guru or an “Inspire a Shared Vision” master, the practices of leadership can be found in all of us who thrive in our chosen roles – be those personal passions, career success, and/or helping our families flourish.

2022 looks like it may be another year that tests us and asks more of us as community leaders. Leadership Montana teaches valuable skills and fosters meaningful connections across the many diverse layers in Montana. Our diversity is our state’s strength and LMT alumni (and soon-to-be alumni) are well-positioned to navigate difficult conversations, strive for fair and equitable solutions to complex problems, and support the success of all people in Montana.

Onward and forward!