Episode 3: Jake Feddes - Leadership Montana
Episode 2: Major Robinson
October 15, 2020
Episode 4: Michael Sanderson
November 12, 2020


Listen first. It is what all great leaders do.

Episode 3: Jake Feddes

Photo of Eric Halverson

Eric Halverson


Eric, a graduate of Leadership Montana Class of 2016 and Masters Class 2019, leads this project with an unmatched curiosity and thirst for learning how each interviewee leans into leading. Eric magically brings to life the story underneath the words and weaves together a series that perfectly illustrates the meaning and value of listening deeply. Originally from Billings, Eric currently resides in Missoula where he serves as the Communications and Development Administrator for Partnership Health Center.

Photo of Jake Feddes

Jake Feddes


Jake Feddes was raised in Manhattan, Montana on the Feddes Red Angus Ranch and continues to work on that 300 production cow operation today. While he did walk away from ranching for several years, he’s been back with it now since 2015. The Feddes family recently purchased the Amsterdam Meat Shop.

In addition to a busy ranching life, Jake serves in several leadership roles with national agricultural organizations, bringing a Montana perspective to these important conversations. Jake is married to Alyssa Feddes and is blessed with three amazing children.

Jake is a 2017 graduate of Leadership Montana and passionate about bridging divides among us. “Montana has always been based on who is your neighbor and how do you help them. It’s not  right, it’s not left, it’s not conservative Republican or liberal Democrat. It’s about working toward the common good.”