Episode 4: Michael Sanderson - Leadership Montana
Episode 3: Jake Feddes
October 28, 2020
Episode 5: Courtney McKee
November 25, 2020


Listen first. It is what all great leaders do.

Episode 4: Michael Sanderson

In this episode, Chantel interviews Michael Sanderson, President/CEO of Sanderson Stewart, a Montana based company with a purpose of planning and designing enduring communities.

Photo of Chantel Schieffer

Chantel Schieffer


Chantel, Class of 2010 and Masters Class 2019 alumna, is also our President & CEO. An occasional host, she brings to Listen First Montana a deep knowledge of our alumni and the many ways they work to build a better Montana.

Photo of Michael Sanderson

Michael Sanderson


Michael serves in many key leadership roles for national and international industry groups and lends his expertise as an instructor at Montana State University. In this conversation, Chantel and Michael talk about opportunities for change, rethinking how organizations operate, and how the political “middle” can lead us through divided times.