Episode 34: Stephen Shreibeis - Leadership Montana
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September 29, 2022
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November 9, 2022


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Episode 34: Stephen Shreibeis

In this episode, Chantel speaks with Leadership Montana Board Member and Superintendent of Glendive Public Schools, Stephen Shreibeis. Stephen talks about his experience leading a school district through significant challenges and divisiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic, how love shapes his leadership style, and where his passion for servant leadership comes from. Stephen also describes a tragic loss in his life and how he works to ‘flip’ his greatest challenges into his greatest opportunities to grow.

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Chantel Schieffer


Chantel, Class of 2010 and Masters Class 2019 alumna, is also our President & CEO. An occasional host, she brings to Listen First Montana a deep knowledge of our alumni and the many ways they work to build a better Montana.


Stephen Shreibeis


Stephen’s life goal is to value, believe in, and unconditionally love people every day. This goal has led him to where he is currently as the Superintendent of Glendive Public Schools in Glendive, MT. Stephen started as a high school math teacher and quickly fell in love with leadership. His passion for adding value to others and serving them steered him into administration where he could support teachers and staff every day. Stephen has been an administrator in four different schools before becoming superintendent of Glendive Public Schools.

He is excited to work with a great staff and community making small actions to create great change. In August of 2016, Stephen became a certified speaker, trainer, teacher, and coach for the John Maxwell Team. This team focuses on training leaders around the world. Recently he was able to go to Costa Rica and train the country’s leaders to be facilitators, in a roundtable model to help transform their country. Stephen has also started Live2Lead-Glendive, a half-day, John Maxwell leader development experience designed to equip attendees with new perspectives, practical tools, and key takeaways (www.live2leadglendive.com). He is excited to see where this road leads him and plans to add value to as many people as possible throughout the remainder of his life.

Stephen’s Motto is: Be A SPLICER (Supporting others, Passionate in everything I do, Lead by example, Integrity above all, Communicate effectively, Equipping others, and Relationships are fundamental)