Leadership Montana Program Reflection: Molly Davidson (Missoula), Class of 2022
Masters Class Session: Abby Majerus
July 31, 2023
Flagship Session: Scott Heidebrink
October 31, 2023


Melissa Nichols, Class of 2024, Helena

Flagship Reflection

Melissa Nichols, Helena, Class of 2024

A few weeks prior to our flagship class starting, there was a mixer event in Helena. At this, Helena area alumni welcomed the class of 2024 members. One alumni member talked about how leaving Big Sky and driving down the mountain is symbolic. This proved to be very true.

The class spent three days getting to know one another and learning a lot about ourselves, both as people and as leaders. At one point, there was a slide put up that showed the different ways that the members of the class support Montana. We support tourism and commerce, protect animals, ensure that Montanans have heat and electricity, put food on tables, and protect Montana’s most vulnerable citizens, among many other things. This was one of the most powerful moments of the three days as it showed just how much impact the 42 class members have on the great state of Montana.

The instructors challenged us to step out of our comfort zones, be vulnerable, and take a long look at how we can be better leaders. At times it was uncomfortable to look at areas of ourselves that we need to grow in, but knowing that we are going to be taught the tools we need to help and give hope to those we serve makes it all worth it.

Leaving Big Sky and looking ahead at the mountains truly was symbolic. The sky is the limit for the class of 2024!