Leadership Montana Classroom Reflection: Mike Worden, Class of 2018
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Alan Ruby
March 30, 2018
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Flagship Session One: Samuel Enemy-Hunter
October 31, 2018
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Mike Worden, Class of 2018, Helena
Class-Elected Representative

A smiling man in a white button-up shirt, black suit jacket, and a small gold pin on his lapelWow, what an adventure. I remember looking around the room in our first session at Big Sky and thought, “How is it possible that I am in a room with the best and brightest from the state of Montana?” I now realize that we weren’t the best and brightest.

Not because I really got to know all of you, but because I realized we all still had a lot to learn.

It was this adventure, that I had the privilege of taking with all of you, that I now know, without any doubt, that we are, the best and brightest of the state of Montana. We had many long days but somehow, Chantel, Anna, Jerry, Carmen and each of you, my classmates, made every session interesting and valuable.

I am certain I speak for all of you, this experience has been an incredible journey for me, learning about, getting to know and becoming a friend to each of you. Some of you have changed jobs and careers, had children and hardships and some even learned they were related to other class members.

And we have shared those moments and our lives with each other. I am indebted to each of you for the gracious space and curious environment that each of you have contributed.

This, my friends, was a most excellent adventure. Thank you.

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