The Leading Edge: Grateful - a message from Chantel Schieffer
Stormy clouds above rocky bluffs lit by the sun
May 31, 2019
Sunlight illuminates mountains beneath clouds and reflects in a mountain lake with docked boats
New Year, New Goals
July 31, 2019
Sunlight illuminates mountains beneath clouds and reflects in a mountain lake with docked boats


Message from president/CEO Chantel Schieffer

As we close out the fiscal and programming year for Leadership Montana, we would like to share some highlights of the past twelve months. I remain always impressed with the work of this team. The impact made by Leadership Montana would not be possible without hundreds of volunteers around the state. Our professional team of two full-time employees and our new half-time Alumni Relations Manager could not have made this year a success without so many of you. We are grateful.

Flagship Program

The Fine 1-9, aka Class of 2019, graduated in Billings after an incredible year of listening to and learning from each other and community leaders in communities like Hamilton, Missoula, Philipsburg, Butte, Helena, Billings, Glasgow, and the Ft. Peck reservation.

Did you know that the true cost of one participant is nearly $6,000? Tuition covers about half of that total, leaving $3,000 to be underwritten by individual donations, corporate sponsorships, and foundation grants. This program, the core of our organization, simply would not exist without the generous support of many. We are grateful.

Alumni Masters Class

We have officially launched this new program and are pleased with the support alumni have shown through the development and implantation stages. For more than two years, you participated in surveys and focus groups to help us design a program that truly takes our learning to the next level. The Masters Class will continue as a staple alumni program for years to come. We are grateful.

Legislative Retreats

Through the generosity of AMB West Philanthropies, we are happy to announce a new program designed specifically for Montana legislators. Over the next two years, each of the 150 members of the House and Senate will be invited to participate in one two-day retreat focused on leadership skills development and relationship building. Sharing this news with folks across Montana, the words we most often hear are “game changer”. We are grateful.

These are just three of the ways in which we are developing leaders committed to building a better Montana. None of this happens without you. Stakeholders of Leadership Montana are many…our alumni, Board of Governors, professional team, volunteers, future participants, sponsors, donors…and you. This organization is yours. You should be as proud of our collective accomplishments as we are.

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