Leadership Montana Blog: Connection a Message from Chantel Schieffer
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Showing Up
August 1, 2017
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October 31, 2017
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Message from president/CEO Chantel Schieffer

Each year when the calendar changes to September, the Leadership Montana team is overcome with excitement in preparing for the new class. Anna, Jerry, Carmen, and I put the finishing touches on our opening session and arrive in Big Sky early to make sure that everything is just right. Lighting, temperature, sound, table decor, food and beverage, the purposeful position of tables…everything is examined closely to provide an open, welcoming environment.

And then we wait with anticipation as the class member start to roll into the classroom. We’ve met them at alumni kick off events or on our travels across the state. We hand deliver their class materials in advance so they see a friendly face when they walk into that big room at Big Sky Resort.

Our primary goal is to make sure we are providing comfortable surroundings to optimize deep listening and active learning. We’re “setting the setting” for our journey together over the next year by digging deep into our Gracious Space tool boxes. It may sound simple, but the physical component of Gracious Space – the setting – can make a lasting impact on our work together by allowing participants to feel comfortable with and connected to others in the room.

If you are looking for ideas to bring more Gracious Space into your workplace, we can help.

Leadership Montana has a core of 13 certified trainers who are willing and able to provide nearly anything from one-on-one consultations to executive level or full-team workshops. Email me to connect with a trainer in your area.

Want to become a certified Gracious Space trainer yourself and add to our core of trainers? The Center for Ethical Leadership is offering a certification course in Seattle October 19-20.