Leadership Montana Classroom Reflection: Indigenous Immersion Initiative Reflection: John Morrison, Helena, Class of 2005 and III 2022
Masters Class Session: Elaine Stedman
December 31, 2022


Jim Bliss, Kalispell, Class of 2010, Masters 2019, and III 2022

Men’s Leadership Forum Spotlight

Jim Bliss, Kalispell, Class of 2010, Masters 2019 and III 2022

On November 29th, we assembled in Pray, Montana at the beautiful Sage Lodge to prepare for the 2022 Leadership Montana Men’s Retreat. There is simply no better place to assemble with my Leadership Montana Family to share and reflect on my Leadership journey,

We started off on Wednesday, November 30th, with a small group of Montana men all wanting to learn from one another and share our Leadership experiences of the last several months. This was not my first Men’s forum, and I again was not disappointed. These guys always bring their “A” game.

We knew going in that we would hit sensitive nerves, for a reason still unknown to me, this group always gets right to the tough stuff. We worked through a conversation about balancing career, family, health, and spirituality. The conversations quickly went to the “leadership relationship,” and the role relationships play in Leadership.

On day two of the Forum, we assembled with the Women’s Forum and Pat Hughes for a discussion around Gracious Space. Every time I am in the room with Pat, I learn something new about myself. This trip thru the process, “I don’t walk in their shoes”! Thanks, Pat! I owe you for that.

This group of men always inspires me to be a better man and a better leader. When I think of “who is in my corner”, these are my go-to people.

My takeaways this year are; “don’t remind me of my failures, I have not forgotten them,”  “what/who is your true north?”  and “smart people learn from their mistakes, smarter people learn from others’ mistakes”.

I have been through the Flagship class in 2010, the Masters Class in 2019, currently in the Indigenous Immersion Initiative and attended most of the Men’s Forums, the Men’s Forum, without a doubt, has had the most impact on my life, I have built relationships during the Forum that only Family can build.