Leadership Montana Program Reflection: Molly Davidson (Missoula), Class of 2022
Masters Class Session: Terri Cheff
February 28, 2023
Flagship Session: Brandee Sink
March 31, 2023


Travis Yuzik, Class of 2023, Billings

Session 4 | Helena

Travis Yuzik, Class of 2023
Billings, MT

Leadership should come with a warning label. “Your role as a leader will not pause, slow down or adjust course when life’s challenges and obstacles appear on the path in front of you”

The 2023 Flagship class assembled in Helena this past session. It was our first gathering since the sad news of the passing of Dr. Jerry Evans in January. The leadership Montana facilitators gave us a full-on, real-life display of what leadership looks like when we are faced with life-changing news. It was a moving and powerful experience to see these leaders speak from their hearts about the impact, experiences, and life lessons they shared with Jerry. I can’t be certain, but I think we may have set a new Leadership MT record for the most tears shed in the first hour of a session. Authenticity, vulnerability, strength, and courage filled that banquet room as the Leadership MT facilitators told us how they felt this first session back.

Another great leadership lesson was seeing the presence of additional alumni in the room, on standby, waiting in the wings just in case someone needed additional support.

We were introduced to Major and Gerry Robinson, who spoke of their life experiences and the path they have been on to preserve, celebrate and educate people about their rich Northern Cheyenne heritage. A nice man named Dax Schieffer stopped by to tell us about his work with Montana tourism, and the positive effect tourists have across all of Montana. We also made a trip to the capitol building, where we got to meet with Governor Greg Gianforte. Mr. Gianforte shared with us some leadership advice that was extremely valuable. The legislature was in session, and we experienced people from both parties cooperating and working together with respect and professionalism.

I think I speak for the entire 2023 flagship class when I say we are blessed and grateful to be in proximity to the greatest of leaders who showed up for us in Helena.